Mog on the Move? Using Your Cat’s Frequent Flyer Miles in Australia

Here in Australia, our love for both furry companions and travel adventures is well known. But what if you could combine these passions? Can your feline friend’s frequent flyer miles actually help you get that dream holiday? The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding “no” with a side of “meow.”

Why Kitty Can’t Cash In Those Miles:

  • Frequent Flyer Programs: These programs are designed for individuals who travel by air themselves. Airlines want to reward their human customers, not pampered felines (as tempting as it might be to picture Whiskers jet-setting to Paris).
  • Account Ownership: Frequent flyer miles are tied to a specific person’s account. Since your cat isn’t exactly filling out passport applications, they wouldn’t be eligible to hold an account in the first place.
  • Earning and Redeeming: Earning miles typically requires flying with a particular airline. Unless your cat has a secret pilot’s license, they wouldn’t have accrued any miles themself.

So, what are your options?

  • Pool Your Miles: If you’re the one flying your cat (perhaps to a pet-friendly destination!), combine your miles with your cat’s “imaginary” stash for a better deal.
  • Credit Card Rewards: Consider credit cards that offer frequent flyer points for everyday purchases. Every meow-gical purchase you make could inch you closer to that dream trip.
  • Look for Pet-Friendly Travel Deals: Many airlines and travel companies offer special deals for pet travel. This could be a more cost-effective way to fly with your furry friend.

The Bottom Line:

While your cat may dream of chasing butterflies across the globe, their frequent flyer program membership will have to remain a fantasy. But fear not, there are still plenty of ways to explore the world with your feline companion by your side. So buckle up (or, should we say, buckle up your cat carrier) and get ready for some pawsome adventures!