Should You Swipe Your Card? Signed Napkins and Inflated Prices in Aussie Collections

We all love a good piece of Aussie history. From Ned Kelly’s armour to a signed Billy Bragg poster, physical memorabilia can be a cherished part of any collection. But when it comes to some items, the price tag can get a bit…well…bogan.

Take, for instance, a signed napkin. While an autograph from a historical figure can be a cool conversation starter, forking over thousands for a flimsy piece of paper used to mop up gravy might not be the wisest investment, mate.

Here’s why you might want to think twice before swiping your plastic on that historical serviette:

  • Questionable Value: Unlike a signed photo or document, a napkin offers little in terms of permanence. Fading ink, accidental spills – there are many ways your “investment” could go belly-up faster than a stubby on a hot day.
  • Inflated Prices: The allure of a historical signature can drive prices sky-high, especially for something as ordinary as a napkin. Be wary of sellers capitalising on the novelty factor.

So, what are some better options for the history buff on a budget?

  • Consider certified memorabilia: Reputable dealers offer authenticated historical items like signed photos or letters. While pricier than a napkin, they’re a more secure investment.
  • Explore local archives: Libraries and museums often have historical documents on display, or you could enquire about obtaining copies.
  • Dig into the digital world: Many historical documents are now available online, offering a free and accessible way to connect with the past.

The bottom line: Owning a piece of history is great, but it shouldn’t break the bank. For Aussies looking to build their collection, a bit of savvy and a focus on authenticity go a long way. Remember, a truly corker collection is built on passion, not impulse buys from dodgy dealers flogging soggy serviettes.