Brisbane Property Market

So, you’ve set your sights on Brisbane – a fantastic choice! Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for an upgrade, understanding Brisbane’s average home price is a crucial first step. It helps you set a realistic budget and narrow down your property search to areas that match your affordability.

Brisbane’s Median Magic Number

The median price gives you a better idea of what most people are paying for a property in Brisbane. As of April 2024, Brisbane’s median house price sits around $899,474. This means that half the houses sold recently were priced above this, and the other half below.

Houses vs Units: A Tale of Two Budgets

Brisbane offers a variety of property types to suit different needs and budgets. Houses tend to be pricier than units (apartments). The median unit price in Brisbane is currently around $587,793.

Location, Location, Location!

Brisbane’s property market varies considerably across suburbs. Knowing your desired area is key. Remember, the median price is just a starting point. Popular inner-city suburbs or those close to the coast will likely have higher prices than those further out.

Beyond the Median: Exploring Costs

Keep in mind that the median price is just one piece of the puzzle. Factor in additional expenses like stamp duty, conveyancing fees, and potential renovations when determining your budget.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Brisbane’s property market continues to grow, so it’s important to be prepared. Talk to a mortgage broker to understand your borrowing capacity and get pre-approval. This shows sellers you’re a serious buyer and strengthens your offer.

Resources for Brisbane Property Hunters

Here are some handy resources to delve deeper into Brisbane’s property market:

  • and – leading property listing websites with suburb-specific data.
  • Property Update ( – provides current median house and unit prices for major Australian cities.

Remember: The average price is a guide, not a gospel. With research, a solid budget, and the help of a good agent, you can find your dream Brisbane property!